Synthesis Design Studio - Architectural Services







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3D Modeling

2D Imaging







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Custom Residential




Small Commercial


  • We offer architectural services for clients who:
    • Want a concept of their design in 2D or 3D imaging, either to give to another architect, contractor, or present to another entity (such as banks for a construction loan)
    • Already have a design in mind and need someone to draw up the construction documents
    • Want someone to help custom design a new home or residence of their dreams
    • Already have plans they’ve obtained elsewhere that they want modified to build a new home
    • Want plans for a new small commercial project


  • Project Delivery Methods
    • All Communication will be done online (email)
    • There are various types of project delivery methods. The two widely used methods are:
      • 1) Design-Bid-Build
      • 2) Design-Build
    • Click below for more information about the various Project Delivery methods:


  • Consultation Fees:
    • There is no fee for inquiries regarding what services we offer or to see if we’re available to work on your project
    • There is an hourly fee for consultation services for discussing your project needs/requirements


  • Initial consultation:
    • We’ll go over what services you require, the design concept of your project, the budget and timeline of your project, and maybe a site visit (depending on type of service you require). Afterwards, based on the initial consultation, we’ll provide a proposal of the scope of services, fees, and what our estimated timeline of services will be.


  • Once you agree to the proposal, provide the required retainer fee, and sign the contract agreement, we’ll continue with the services requested.

Document Delivery

  • For conceptual drawings, 2D imaging or 3D modeling
    • We’ll provide the basic documents needed to relate your concept to another architect, a contractor, the bank to obtain a loan, or anyone else who needs to see it. Often times, this is all you really need, until you decide to go forward with obtaining construction document services by us, or others, to have your project built.
    • These drawings/images/files can be emailed to you for printing and mounting, or we can have them printed/mounted for you (as a reimbursable expense). We can either mail or deliver the prints to you in person (for a delivery fee, and depending on location).


  • For construction document services
    • When we’ve finished with the construction documents (plans, specifications, any documents required for construction), all you have to do is submit them to the building department. When you’ve been notified that the drawings have been reviewed, just pick up the construction drawings and building permit (if it is approved) at the building department, and pay any permit fees. If you prefer, we can submit the documents for you, and we’ll only pick up if there are any corrections to be made. If the building department requires any additional information, drawings, modifications, or deletions, we’ll take care of it. We’ll notify you prior to making any changes if there’s any action or approval needed by you - for example: any required design/drawing changes, fees of making any changes by us or any consultants, etc.


  • If you would like to receive more information regarding our services or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: